Lai B#, Tang Q#, Jin W#, Hu G#, Wangsa D, Cui K, Stanton BZ, Ren G, Ding Y, Zhao M, Liu S, Song J, Ried T, Zhao K. Trac-looping measures genome structure and chromatin accessibility. Nat Methods. 2018 PMID: 30150754 (#equal contribution)
Long-range chromatin interactions play critical roles in genome organization and regulation of transcription. We now report transposase-mediated analysis of chromatin looping (Trac-looping) for simultaneous detection of multiscale genome-wide chromatin interactions among regulatory elements and chromatin accessibility. With this technique, a bivalent oligonucleotide linker is inserted between two interacting regions such that the chromatin interactions are captured without prior chromatin fragmentation and proximity-based ligation. Application of Trac-looping to human CD4+ T cells revealed substantial reorganization of enhancer-promoter interactions associated with changes in gene expression after T cell receptor stimulation.
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